The Men in The Shadows

Written By: Alfonso Watts 


Book Signing Event

11:00am to 4:00pm
Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine,
2026 Austin Hwy,
San Antonio, TX 78218

More book signing events to follow in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Stay tuned...

About The Novel

An evil, dark spirit invaded the world eons ago and was hell-bent on ushering in Armageddon. To accomplish its goal, the creature enlisted corrupt leaders throughout the world in exchange for untold riches. They entered an agreement with the evil entity, fulfilling its destructive plan of mass pandemonium around the globe. Now, after benefiting from centuries of prosperity, the descendants of these "men in the shadows” must now pay their debts. There is a fight for survival as each family faces the rude challenges that awaits them. Find out what lies ahead.


“The Men in The Shadows is a very entertaining book to read and has a lot of powerful messages that can be utilized in our society today regarding overcoming obstacles in life, peer pressure, and bullying. It would be good book for adolecents to read as they go throught those challenging years.”

“This intriguing novel has a mystifying effects that pulls the reader into the story. It is a book that will be enjoyed by young and old alike. It provides empowerment for the reader that will offer solutions for handling difficult situations.”

“The Men in The Shadows in widly different from anything I've ever read. The writing is far more imaginative and goes way beyond any traditional story. I love it.”

“The TMITS novel is best clasified as contemporary young adult fiction. This is an interesting concept and could very easily be adapted to a movie script or television series.”

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The Men in The Shadows

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"Ill-gotten gains come with a cost, yet the price is never visible until it's too late."